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Re: kde.tdyc.com

Failed to fetch
  404 Not Found
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funny, neither of those work from here. tdyc used to, but don't now
Anyone got a reliable kde source?

Andrew J Cosgriff wrote:
> Mike Werner wrote :
> > JP Sartre wrote:
> > > Just curious if anyone knows what the story is with kde.tdyc.com?
> > > It's been down for a few weeks now, and it's the only place
> > > I know for kde debs. Anyone have a clue? Thanks.
> >
> > I installed KDE onto a friend's woody box last night off the tdyc.com site
> > via apt-get ... worked just fine.  And when I've done the apt-get update
> > here on my systems the files from tdyc.com comes down just fine.
> I think perhaps what he's talking about is that if you go to
> http://kde.tdyc.com/ all you see is
> Fatal error: Failed opening required 'db_pgsql.inc'
> (include_path='/web/ftp/pub/kde/config:/usr/lib/phplib') in
> /web/ftp/pub/kde/config/prepend.php3 on line 16

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