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Re: mod-perl+apache showing html code under IE 5.*

	Hi Joe,
	ya but it seems to work in other old IE versions.
Quoting Joe piman Wreschnig (piman@pfnet.org):
> On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 05:56:18AM -0700, Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
> > 	Hi all,
> > 	I made a homepage with mod-perl+apache+libpgperl+postgresl from potato
> > packages and tested it under Netscape (Linux). When I showed it for a friend
> > with IE 5.* and he hits the back button it show all the source code instead 
> > of going back a html page.
> > 	What can be wrong?
> > 	Thanks,		Paulo Henrique
> Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decided to base how IE viewed the files
> on extension, not the MIME type the server sends. So if your extension isn't
> something recognizable as HTML (like .htm, .html, .cgi, etc), IE won't like
> to diplay it.
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