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Re: lock-up with thrashing

On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 11:29:34PM -0700, Eric G . Miller wrote:
> > Debian box thrashing away like crazy. The mouse would barely
> > respond, and a ctrl-alt-backspace only partially shut down X.
> > It just sort of hung while the system went nuts, the
> > harddrive sounding like it was about to blow its way out the
> > side of the tower.
> It wasn't perhaps a cron job running 'find ...' to update the
> database
> for the locate command?

Is there a way to 'disk-nice' the cron jobs, so that other disk
accesses are given higher priority? I guess this needs better
disk scheduling algo in the kernel.

Manoj Victor Mathew  (GPG#: 3D96A9B9)
Cochin, India.

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