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Re: Lastest sawfish debs?

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 11:09:06PM +0800,
Corey Popelier <pancreas@dingoblue.net.au> wrote:
> Thats all good and well if you want to upgrade to helix gnome.
> What if you just want to run standard gnome, and use sawfish

Helix GNOME is "standard" GNOME. GNOME itself no longer provides
packages; that is left up to separate packaging projects (Debian,
Red Hat, Helix) instead. The difference between the Debian and
Helix packages is that the Helix packages are always more up to
date because Peter Teichman (the Helix Debian guy) is paid to
package GNOME for Debian, rather than doing it in his free time.

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