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Re: Lilo-problem

On 10 Jul 2000, John Hasler wrote:

> Tom writes:
> > This line in your /etc/lilo.conf is what clobbered your /dev/hda1
> > partition:
> > boot=/dev/hda1
> > What that did was install Lilo in the boot sector of your DOS/Windows
> > partition and wiped out the DOS boot record.
> Which could have been restored with 'lilo -u'.

My machine has got the following OS's and hd's:

On the hda there is win98 and on the hdb there is 'debian' slink. 
The machine bios cannot boot from hdb. 

2) Is it possible and safe to install 'lilo' so that I can boot both the
OS directly from the hard disks? 


How should the lilo.conf file be written? 

Is it possible to get lilo 'out from the mbr' (the previous situation
restored) just by 'lilo -u' command if something goes wrong? 


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