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Re: kernel 2.2.17 boot disk prob! (HELP!)

Sven Burgener wrote:
> What I'm looking for is a way of creating a boot disk like the one I
> created when installing debian initially.


My method with kernels and bootdisks is always to use the kernel source
and compile it myself, using kernel-package

Read the kernel-package docs and that will tell you how to go about it. 
The 2.2.17 kernel from potato is actually 2.2.17pre6 (latest is pre10
out yesterday).  This _may_ be contributing to your problems, which seem
to revolve around IDE, but I have SCSI so can't help specifically on

If you go this way, you may be better using the 2.2.16 kernel from
ftp.kernel.org (or your nearest mirror) and the latest Alan Cox

Remember to create the relevant symlinks from /usr/include to
/usr/src/linux/include - check out the kernel doc for more info after
unpacking into /usr/src/linux.

After using kernel-package, you will find a .deb file has been dumped in
/usr/src.  When you dpkg -i the .deb file you'll get prompted whether
you want to create a boot disk.  It should work - I do it constantly.

Excuse me if you already know this; I have not really been following the

If you would like any further information / help - mail me.  I see you
are getting a bit frustrated trying to fix this.  I run both development
and the latest 2.2.x kernels as a backup and do this sort of thing all
the time.


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