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Kernel recompile problems

I re-compiled my kernel (2.2.15) in an attempt to get my cd-writer working. It
failed miserably for some reason. 

My first problem is that after the recompile and setting up lilo, when I reboot
my computer, every single module fails to load because of a huge number of
unresolved symbol errors. There were so many that I couln't even see them all
by pressing 'ctrl - page up'. 

Anybody know why it would do that. I did a debian ftp install and then
downloaded the source so it's possible that i'm missing a key piece of the

After I went back to the original kernel, I'm having problems with vfat.o and
fat.o.	The vfat and fat modules load fine on insmod but seem to be causing the
problem whenever I try to mount a file system. Strange thing is that all the
regular filesystems '/', '/var', '/usr' and '/home' all come up fine. It's just
three others (two vfat and one ext2) that I can't mount. It just hangs if I try
to do it from a terminal window. Anybody heard of a problem like this and know
how to solve it?

I used make bzlilo which automatically copied the new kernel image and
system.map file so I'm not sure if maybe it did something else to me.

P.S. I did restart lilo after removing the botched kernel
n order to try 


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