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My first ever incursion into sound isn't very successful

Debian Potato (frozen) with Slink KDE

I have just bought my first ever soundcard, a SoundBlaster Live 1024
Player, and my attempts to setup sound have been only partially successful.

I first tried the latest (20000721) Creative Emu driver.  Downloaded,
compiled the source and installed the modules.  First problem - the
module(s) won't load automatically as other modules do.  I can, of course,
load them with modprobe and, using kscd, I can play a CD successfully. 
But I would rather have them load automatically.  Is there a way to do

I have also ldownoaded an application called Broadcast which records onto
the hard drive.  However the record/playback part of this doesn't work and
displays a message in the console window to the effect that it cannot
access the sound device.  Perhaps it won't work with the emu drivers but
there is no clue in the documentation as to what the sound device is from
this applications point of view.

The appropriate sound devices do appear to be in /dev (audio, dsp, midi,
mixer, sequencer, sndstat).

I then decided to try the Alsa drivers and installed the appropriate Alsa
Potato packages.  This appeared to successful except that there were no
actual driver modules included or installed.  I find this a bit puzzling. 
I downloaded matching version drivers from the Alsa site and installed
them.  The nearest card in the list was a SB PCI 128 but the module would
not load (device busy).  Incompatible with the 1024 perhaps.  I removed
the Alsa stuff altogether.

Any advice would be welcome as I am a total beginner when it comes to

Barry Samuels

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