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I'm having a problem opening the data source of the MySQL server.  The set
up of my servers are as follows:

1.  My remote server is a Unix Apache and is with an ISP.  I've
installed/unzipped the Data-Dumper, DBI, MSQL-MySQL Module and the
CGI.pm into a folder just off the root.  I named the folder DBI.

2.  However, the MySQL server with the same ISP is on a separate Unix

3. I have a client I downloaded onto my computer from the Artronic.com
web site which I use to connect to the MySQL server.  With this client, I
can create tables, run queries and other administrative things.  It's a good
client, but is still going through further development.

I believe that the script that I have so far needs only a little tweaking to
properly code the data source.  I've tried several different configurations
to  make this script work, but it's not happening.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!  I've
been working on it for three days now.  I'm desparate.

Please give me a quotation for your assistance and let me know if you accept
credit cards.  I think either a telephone or private on-line chat session
would suffice.

Jim Brown

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