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RE: isapnp says irq5; modprobe assigns 7

On 31-Jul-2000 Kent West wrote:
> I've got a soundbalster 16 in my Debian box. I believe I've got the
> /etc/isapnp.conf file set up properly, to use IRQ5 for the sound card.
> However, whenever I do a modprobe sb (or reboot, etc), I get a warning
> about IRQ 7 having a conflict. Near as I can tell, I have no, none,
> nada, zippo, zilch reference to IRQ 7 anywhere near isapnp.con,
> /etc/modutils/, modules.conf, conf.modules, etc.

I have problems similar to yours with my SB 16 but it is not really a SB 16
because it is a SB 16 VibraX.  I know the commercial OSS drivers work on this
card, but since OSS drivers for the 2.4.0 test5 kernel are not yet available,
I wanted to try something else.  I had no success in that endeavor, so I will
have to wait for the OSS drivers.

Is your SB 16 actually a VibraX?


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