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Re: Kernel source

On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 05:51:08PM -0500, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> I'm curious as to why the latest "dot release" kernel in Potato is
> 2.2.15 and not 2.2.16.  The latest package update shows 2.2.17pre6
> to be available, but .16 is skipped.  I don't read -devel so I'm
> in the dark as to why.  Also, why is .14 not available as a package
> any longer?  I'm really quite hesitant to install a pre* kernel
> on a nearly stable system.  Anyone using .17pre6 who can assure
> me it's stable enough?
> Questions, questions, questions...

2.2.16 was skipped because it wasn't stable. 2.2.17pre fixed it, and
2.2.17-pre6 is nothing but fixes to 2.2.16. 2.2.14 was yanked because it
contained security problems. Have faith that Debian does things for as
reason. We wouldn't leave a kernel around in frozen just before release
that was known to be buggy :)


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