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Looking for a package, but don't know what to call it

Hiya folks.  Got a bit of a question - not exactly sure how to phrase this
so please try and bear with me.

At the university I attend, the CS department has a central server named
naur.  There are CS labs scattered around the university, including some
across town.  Now, from any of those labs when you logon, you basically get
connected automatically to naur.  All of the account info is (I presume)
stored on naur as well.

What I'm wondering is:
1) What's this sytem called?
2) Is this doable with Linux? (I'm guessing it is)
3) Is this doable with Debian using regular packages that are apt-getable?

I've got my desktop box here that I want to make the server for this. 
Various other boxes will be the clients, starting with my laptop.

I'm sorry to ask such a vague question.  I'd go search myself, but I don't
know where to start.  If I could get even just the name of this system,
that'd be a huge help - at least I'd know what to search on. ::grin::
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