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Re: My first ever incursion into sound isn't very successful

Kai Weber wrote:

> + Andr=E9 Dahlqvist <andre@beta.telenordia.se>:
> > > (3) Create a file emu10k1 in /etc/modutils with the following content:
> > >     alias char-major-14 emu10k1
> > Why not use /etc/modutils/aliases?
> The file is part of the modutils package. I guess, if you install a
> new version your changes to that file are lost. But do not care much
> about my intention, I am a Debian rooky too.

`dpkg -s modutils` lists /etc/modutils/aliases as a Conffile.  In
Debian-speak, that means it's an editable configuration file that
won't be overwritten by a package upgrade.  You will be given the
option of upgrading the file or not (listing the difference,


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