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making devices


Could some kind soul please explain something I've never really figured 
out: how to make devices under /dev. Like today I tried to set up my 
scanner, but as there are no /dev/scanner (which is I think supposed to 
be a link) or /dev/sg* SANE can't detect anything. "MAKEDEV" says it 
doesn't know how to make the device "scanner". I have a clean Potato box 
and the scanner worked under Slink, but then again it had /dev/scanner. 
Thanks for the enlightenment.

And on a totally unrelated note: I wanted to see what this Quake is all 
about so I installed quake-svga, quake-x11 and quake-lib. When I invoke 
:/usr/games# ./quake-svga it comes back with "./quake-svga.real: No such 
file or directory" but quake-svga.real is also under /usr/games. What 



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