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Re: Is Debian the last OS ? (Long reply)

Adam Scriven <scriven@lore.com> writes:

> So, for him to go to 2.2, and get the upgrades that he wants, he
> needs to reinstall.  He has no problem with this, and I've recommend
> Debian, but no matter how "stable" the frozen version is, it IS
> STILL frozen, and not the officially released version, so he's not
> comfortable switching to it.

Upgrading from slink to potato is a breeze.  Besides potato is rumored
to become stable in August.  I've been running and updating potato
regularly for about a year without any major trouble.  I guess the
biggest hickup was caused by updating to emacs20-20.7.  It screwed my
gnus setup, but installing the seperately packaged gnus package fixed
everything.  Note, these ripples were caused by changes within potato
and had nothing to do with upgrading from slink.

Has he ever tried a RedHat x.0 release?  From what I heard these are
as buggy as, likely even buggier than, Debian's frozen releases.  It
is just what an organization is prepared to call an official release.

> So that leaves him with RedHat, since he understands it.

Sounds like he doesn't want to (or can't) put in some effort.

Olaf Meeuwissen       Epson Kowa Corporation, Research and Development

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