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Re: Kernel source

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> I'm curious as to why the latest "dot release" kernel in Potato is
> 2.2.15 and not 2.2.16.  The latest package update shows 2.2.17pre6
> to be available, but .16 is skipped.  I don't read -devel so I'm
> in the dark as to why.  Also, why is .14 not available as a package
> any longer?  I'm really quite hesitant to install a pre* kernel
> on a nearly stable system.  Anyone using .17pre6 who can assure
> me it's stable enough?
> Questions, questions, questions...
> - Nate >>

FWIW I couldn't get the 2.2.17pre6 kernel to run networking right in a
firewall box. Something appeared to choke in the ipmasq module (I guess)
of ipchains; the system would boot up ok and boxes inside the firewall
could ping out right, but after about 40K or so of packets through the
firewall, all throughput would stop and networking would go down. The
ppp0 connection would self-destruct and disappear from ifconfig.

However, a 2.2.15-3 kernel with essentially identical configs runs just
fine (well, almost--I'm still grappling with bizarre behavior in which
some web sites like www.3com.com won't come across while more "standard"
sites like www.washington.edu do fine--think this is some kind of
mtu/mru problem based on some threads on the IPMASQ list). In any case,
there definitely appears to me to be something with 2.2.17pre6 that
isn't as stable as 2.2.15-3, but this topic pushes my knowledge envelope
to its limits.

Hope someone with better info chimes in.


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