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Re: mail forwarding

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 04:50:31PM -0400, Nakul Hoelz wrote:

> the mta is sendmail...

Not my area of knowledge, I'm afraid.

>     the reason for the secondary is for it to take over all functions of the primary
> in case it goes down...

There was a discussion on the postfix-users mailing list about doing
this sort of thing on a fairly tight budget recently.  It's not the same
MTA, but the same principles apply.

> However if the secondary has any messages and I check and find out that the primary is
> up... I want to send any mail of the secondary to the primary... so people get their
> mail... I have ways of finding out if the primary is up so invoking a cron script from
> time to time to forward mail to the primary would be nice. This way I have complete

You should be able to get sendmail to send copies of all the messages
sent to one server to the other (ie, they both end up doing local
delivery) but you then run into a lot of problems keeping track of what
happens when users do things like change config or delete mail.  You
need changes to propagate very quickly or people will start to notice.

>     the only missing block in this setup is to be able to take
> /var/spool/mail/USERNAME... parse it and send it off to the original user...
> I know that I can do it by taking that file ... running it through a perl program,
> recreating a message and mailing it off... that's a ton of work yet again... I thought
> there was an easier way of doing it....

Why do you need to send it off again?

>     do you know anything about the perl mailtools ?

Not a thing.

You'd be much better off asking about this stuff somewhere like
comp.mail.sendmail - it's fairly specialized stuff that is often
attacked with funky hardware.

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