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Re: lock-up with thrashing

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Eric G . Miller wrote:

> It wasn't perhaps a cron job running 'find ...' to update the database
> for the locate command?  That tends to bring most activity to a near
> halt until it finishes.  You can correlate the scheduled time of the
> cron job with the time this was going on.  Though, it could have been
> another process was greedily eating up memory and the kernel was trying
> to utilize the last few shreds it had available.  Also, might help to
> report what kernel version.

	I don't think it was a cron, as all the jobs are scheduled for
around 6am, and it was only 1am. Currently, I suspect Netscape
actually. It's too bad that it's possible to eat up all the system
resources in this way. 


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