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Re: Netscape & plugins

Once upon a time, I heard FIOL BONNIN Antonio say

> I imagine that this question is a FAQ, but I don't know where to find the
> answer:
> I have Netscape installed, and whenever I try to install a plugin,
> netscape stops working (Bus error when trying to start it). The only
> solution I have found is removing the plugin.

If plugin and netscape have a conflict you will get that sort of problem.

> I have tried with the Java plugin 1.2.2 and with rvplayer. I believe that
> I have also tried some other plugin, but same problem.

check the version of your netscape whether it is a lib5 or libc6 one. IIRC
,Java plugin 1.2.2 needs libc6 netsacpe and it was installed and ran
properly on my potato box a while ago.

rvplayer is working fine here. I use current realplayer package from potato.

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