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Re: kerneld message

Ragga Muffin wrote:
> Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen@avondel.nl> wrote
> > I have just compiled my first kernel (!) on my Debian frozen box. It is
> > 2.2.15
> > After the reboot all seems well, except a message during boot:
> >
> >   kerneld: you almost certainly don't want to be running kerneld
> >            with >= 2.2.x
> >
> > I assume that to be true. I am not sure if this just appears since the
> > kernel update or that I have missed it earlier on.
> > I have not done a lot of tweaking on this machine, so I have no idea
> > what has caused this.
> >From the kerneld manpage
>      kerneld is obsolete as of  Linux  kernel  2.1.90,  it  was
>        replaced  by  the kmod kernel thread and cron entries.  Do
>        not even think of using kerneld unless you are  running  a
>        2.0 kernel.
> --
> Ragga

You should check your startup scripts.  Somewhere, you have enabled
starting kerneld, you need to find that place and disable it.

Bob McGowan
Staff Software Quality Engineer
VERITAS Software

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