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Re: making devices

Hans writes:
> Hello,
> Could some kind soul please explain something I've never really figured 
> out: how to make devices under /dev. Like today I tried to set up my 
> scanner, but as there are no /dev/scanner (which is I think supposed to 
> be a link) or /dev/sg* SANE can't detect anything. "MAKEDEV" says it 
> doesn't know how to make the device "scanner". I have a clean Potato box 
> and the scanner worked under Slink, but then again it had /dev/scanner. 
> Thanks for the enlightenment.

Use the MAKEDEV script in the /dev direcotry to create the missing
devices.  Then /dev/scanner should be a link pointing to the device to
which your scanner is attached:

# cd /dev
# ln -s /dev/sg<somethingorother> /dev/scanner

where <somethingorother> is the number of the generic SCSI (sg) device
to which your scanner is attached.  If you have no other SCSI devices
I the system, I suspect that /dev/sg0 would be a good place to start
looking :-)

Cheers -- Stephan
Stephan Engelke                                    engelke@math.uni-hamburg.de
** I am the captain of this ship and I have my wife's permission to say so! **

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