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Re: is there a midi/wav plugin for Netscape?

Hi Christophe!

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Christophe Broult wrote:
> A friend send me the URL of a greeting card which included some
> sound. I was unable to hear the sound because Netscape complained that
> there was no plugin for midi/wav sound.
> How can I configure Netscape to play some sound?

Install Timidity++ (debian packages available), a sound bank (I recommend
the EAW patchset, but I guess the one already packaged in Debian will do),
and install Timidity's plugin for netscape (UMP).

Timidity is available as a debian package and at

The EAW patchset (cannot be Debianized) is at:

UMP, the Midi plugin is at:

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