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Re: Lilo-problem

Johann Spies wrote:

> Thanks Tom and others who replied.  I am learning (although sometimes
> the hard way) ;)
> I have now also installed NT booting from /dev/hda.  Can I still use
> Lilo or is it saver to use NT's bootloader, going to Dos and use loadlin?
> I do not want to learn the hard way again.
> Johann

Yes, you could still use Lilo for that. 

Did you install NT to a separate primary partition, or did you install
it so that  you can now choose DOS or NT from the NT boot menu? If the
latter, that means both DOS and NT actually boot from /dev/hda1, so you
can just keep the same /etc/lilo.conf and, of course, install Lilo in

If you used separate primaries for DOS and NT, it's a little more
complicated. You would need to modify /etc/lilo.conf so that it sets the
primary that you boot from active (DOS or NT).


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