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Re: minicom connection to router

michelle wood wrote:
> looking for some help in making minicom 1.82.1. connect via a serial
> connection to cisco router.

I think that I can help.  I've connected to several Ciscos with serial
cable, mostly though using M$ HyperTerminal.  I _have_ connected with
one older Cisco, an IGS, using minicom.

> hope i don't offend anyone because i'm using
> redhat.  a friend i work with raves about debian and suggested this
> list...

We're not anti-RedHat, just pro-Debian.  We don't think that Debian
is perfect, but we're trying.  RedHat is merely less so.  ;{>

> *running redhat 6.1
> *when launching minicom, modem in initialized.  modem is on /dev/ttyS3
> and able to dial out through minicom just fine.
> *have tried going into minicom -s and changing serial setup to ttyS1 and
> ttyS2 with no luck.

Changing to ttyS1 won't help you if you are connected to ttyS3.
The possible issues are: serial cabling, speed, and protocol.
The newer Ciscos have a serial port connecter adapter and special cable
to go to their RJ connecter, while older ones have a DB25 connector,
standard RS232c configuration.  With which are you wrestling?

Do you have the docs for your router?  What speed, number of bits,
and number of stop bits are required for your model?  If you don't have
docs, you can get them from www.cisco.com .

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