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Re: lp: driver loaded but no devices found

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 23:37:24 +1000 (EST), Richard Lindner wrote:

>> Any idea why I suddenly can't print anymore? I added the above line
>> "options lp parport=0,1" just now to make sure that an lp device is
>> created for both parallel ports even tho there isn't a device on lp0
>> most of the time.
>2.4.0-test4 /is/ the bleeding edge of development kernels - and not

No, the "bleeding edge" of devel kernels is the ac* patches. :-)

>recommended for normal use unless there's something there that you
>simply can't live without ...

I simply can't live w/o running the latest, gratest kernel. ;-)

Seriously, I thought since the test* kernels are already pretty(?) close to 
2.4.0-release it would be a Good Thing(TM) to install one of them to be 
prepared for the things that are coming... I usually don't have a problem 
with running alpha kernels. As you can see from this case I'm pretty smart 
and blamed the kernel, not myself. :-) If things don't work I simply 
downgrade to the last version that DID work, or upgrade to the forthcoming 

I hope that the developers are aware of the problem...

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