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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

Quoting Art Edwards (edwardsa@nmia.com):
> I definitely came to debian after two other distributions (Red Hat and
> SuSE).

I first tried linux with slackware, but only because it offered
installation with umsdos and I had a 500MB 486 with W3.1.
X wouldn't do much more than crash in 8MB, leaving me with a
garbled screen (the Avance card still does this now, but I know
what to do). But using GNU utilities on a real shell was fantastic
after the DOS versions. After all, my background was VAX and, before
that, IBM 360/370 but with the Cambridge University Phoenix command
language, both very flexible.

> Part of it is that Debian is not seen on many Store shelves. I
> had to seek it out based on reputation. Part of it also is that the
> initial installation is not slick. For me that is now part of its
> attraction. I should explain that, while apt-get is truly slick after
> you have set up your machine, and the ftp-installation is very nice, the
> menu's are relatively low level.

Agreed. I'm connected, or course, so I'm used to ftp rather than
CD distributions. I started Debian (in the days of buzz) because it
was so transparent about what it was doing during installation,
so I could be sure that my other vital (at that time) partitions
were safe.

> Incidentally, the release times have had some significant consequences.
> The High Performance Computing Center where I get my cycles just changed
> a very nice cluster from Debian to Red Hat because the stable release is
> not very friendly to SMP, even though potato is.

Hm, I can cope with potato, and I'm just a one-man amateur band. I'm
not impressed by the HPCC if they can't cope with running frozen.

> While it is true that
> you have had nimor releases, I believe they kept the same kernel (is
> this true?). 
> If I am right, then to keep users, you should try to update kernels in
> minor releases.

I can't see why you should want to couple kernel and distribution
releases any more than is unavoidable (i.e. dependencies). Debian did
a very nice job of supplying sufficient packages for people to move to
2.2 kernels on slink with its old C libraries.

BTW it is hardly notable that Debian is the last (final) distribution
for people in *this* forum as we're a self-selecting group. The people
for whom this is not true will have moved on into other forums...


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