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Re: Menu fonts.

Once upon a time, I heard Nick Croft say

> Debian Users,
> I've migrated to potato from rh. I changed for philosophical reasons, and
> am stoked.
> Some things needed customising. Printing and mail were a little
> trouble. Only one more major worry: the size of fonts in Netscape menus,
> gnome menus and the panel need to be reduced.
> I've fixed the look of Netscape with some help from a local lad. Wondering
> if I might get some help from this list in setting a size for gnome.
I forget another thing that you should take a look at, the XF86Config file. 
With new default setting, XF86Config would put 100dpi font before 75dpi
font. If you happen to have xfonts-100dpi installed, you will see a lot big
fonts on your screen.

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