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Many problems with KDE2

My system upgraded itself during an apt-get dist-upgrade today to KDE2,
and man did everything get hosed now.  Just a few problems are:

1. kdm no longer starts at login, I enter username and password and
get put into a shell terminal (Eterm) where I have to type 
/usr/bin/startkde for it to run.  The symlinks, etc look correct
in my runlevels, but /usr/bin/kde2 which is supposed to start at
boot will not function.

2. most of my desktop icons no longer work, such as Eterm, giving
messages like /usr/bin/Eterm does not exist, when I know it does.

3. Inability to either edit the properties of existing desktop icons
nor create new ones, simply no response to either action.

4. Kmail immedialy segfaults with a sig 11 if I try to send an outbound
email of any kind, either clicking on compose or selecting message/new

Anyone else had any luck getting this mess to work?  I mean the interface
looks sweet, but with this much stuff not working, I may have to figure
out how to revert to the older kde, at least it worked right.

Suggestions or comments would be most helpful.

-Stuck in Pine


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