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Re: Maximum characters in username

OK this may be the sort of strictly logical advice I hate getting, but
if you have typed in a name that was too long, and presumably at least
one that  isn't, then a  braindead binary search  (8 chars --  OK, 100
chars -- too long,  50 chars -- too long, 30 chars  -- OK, 40 chars --
too long,  etc.) should get you the  upper bound in less  time than it
takes to perform the various steps you outlined below.. -chris

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Matthew Thompson wrote:

> Hello, everyone,
> Ok, here's my silly, newbie-esque question for the week:  how many
> characters are allowed in a username?  I'm under the impression that it is
> 8, but 'adduser' allows you to create users with more characters than
> that.
> You'd also think that it would be easy to find the answer to this
> question, but I've man'd adduser & login, and scoured deja.com and Linux
> Unleashed (the Debian mailing list search seems to be not functioning
> currently.  I got 'No Matches' no matter what I entered, even 'potato' for
> the most recent quarter).  I even re-installed potato in a blank partition
> to see if it said anything about how many characters are allowed.  It
> doesn't, it just puts you back to the 'Enter Username' field if you enter
> a very long name.
> TIA for any help :)
> Cheers....................
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