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Re: mail forwarding

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 03:40:09PM -0400, Nakul Hoelz wrote:

>     I have a 2 mail servers for our domain, both running debian gnu
> linux.
> The first one has a DNS mailexchange value of 0 the other has a DNS
> mailchange value of 5...
> i.e. all email should be pouring into the main mail machine for our
> domain....
> somehow though email ended up on the secondary mail server and I would
> like to send the email in the mailboxes of the secondary mail server to
> the primary mail server...

Your secondary mail server generally shouldn't do local delivery - it
should forward the mail on to the primary server for delivery (you can
avoid doing that).  Without knowing which MTA you are using it's hard to
give details on exactly how to arrange this - if it's exim, the
secondary shouldn't have the domain in its local_domains but should have
it in relay_domains.

When the mail is being delivered to the primary host you have to arrange
some for the secondary to get access to the mail, with IMAP being a
common mechanism.

If most mail is being delivered to the secondary MX that probably
indicates that there's poor connectivity to the primary MX.

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