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Re: Is Debian the last OS ?

Nathan E Norman wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 11:09:28PM -0600, Art Edwards wrote:
> > If I am right, then to keep users, you should try to update kernels in
> > minor releases.
> The kernel is upgraded in point releases when justified (an exploit
> for example).  However, there's no way Debian can release a new major
> kernel revision in a point release and still call it stable (think
> about a "feature freeze" as to why this is the case).
> More to the point, there's no reason a user can't upgrade the kernel
> themselves!
Seconded.  That's a point I made in an above post: it's really really
easy to grab the kernel only from unstable.  And don't let "unstable"
worry you excessively.  Certainly the 2.2. kernel source there is every
bit as good as any release of any other dist.

I also would make the point that *building* the kernel package is really
easy under Debian.  See make-kpkg.

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