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Re: netatalk printing problem: need help!

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, James D. Freels wrote:

> I have installed the netatalk 1.4b2+asun2.1.3-6 from Debian/Linux 2.2
> (frozen).  I am almost there getting a HP LaserJet IV PS+ to print
> over appletalk network on my Linux bos, but am still having some
> problems.  The papstatus shows that the printer is found and working
> OK.  I get the following error message(s) when trying to print over
> appletalk: 
> Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7151]: child 7364 for "J. D. Freels HP LaserJet IV" from 5224.41
> Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7364]: lp_init: lock: No such file or directory
> Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7364]: lp_open failed
> Jul 11 12:04:42 fea papd[7151]: child 7364 done
> How do I fix this problem.  The printer works find over local, tcp/ip,
> and samba as a PS printer.  Do I need to specify a .ppd file at this
> machine?  I thought that that was taken care of at the Apple machine?

Change you papd.conf so it pipes to lpr instead of placing the file in the
spool directory itself.  For example, if you had:


Change to:

	:pr=|/usr/bin/lpr -Plaser4:


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