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Re: LILO and Printer

> I'm used to RedHat and am having problems with LILO...
> LILO:  No changes allow me to select which OS to enter on bootup.  I can
> change it to Windows or Linux, but not to choose between them.  I do this
> by editing lilo.conf and then running lilo.

Concerning your LILO-Problem:

If you changed the Master Boot Record, you can do the following:

Escape Booting by pressing SHIFT in the right moment. You should see
something like "1FA" or "3FA" for example.
If you type the displayed number you choose the harddrive-partition
with the default OS. Type "F", if you wish to boot from Floppydisk.
If you "type "A", you'll get a list of all hd-partitions plus the
"F"-Option, something like "1234F". You can choose the OS by typing
the number of the corresponding partition.
So you can switch between the OSs just by typing "A1", "A2", "A3" or

I hope, this helps.


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