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Re: kernel-2.2.17-image boot disk prob!

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 02:25:02PM -0400, Thomas R. Shemanske wrote:

> I'll take a crack at it.  Your lilo.conf files looks a little strange to
> me, especially
> boot=/dev/fd0

"boot" is where the MBR gets written and in my case it's the floppy, as
I want a boot disk here...

[snipped your lilo.conf]

> As far as I know the boot=...  is where the lilo info gets written, in
> my case to the MBR, in your case to a floppy

Yes, that's why I put /dev/fd0 there... when running "lilo -C
[that_conffile]", lilo had no problems and I saw the floppy being busy...

> Anyway, boot your system from the rescue floppy, mount the root
> partition, and then choose the option for making a boot disk.  This

How do I "choose" that? I tried things like mkboot (or similar) but that
didn't help.

> should put the kernel in /dev/hdb3 on the floppy.  Alternatively you may
> simply be able to do
> cat /dev/hdb3/vmlinuz > /dev/fd0

Haven't done that... does it work for b2zip'ed kernels, too?

Regards and thanks
S. Burgener
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