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Re: Kernel question

Walter Williams wrote:
> Greetings
> I have subscribed to this list server to find
> out more about non-Red Hat derivatives.
> Is the Debian distribution of the type that I
> can,  when I want to update the kernel,
> download a complete kernel tar ball or a patch
> file from what ever web site I choose, install it,
> and have things function properly?

Yeah, that's what I do. I never trust packages to correctly edit LILO
etc., so I do it all myself :)

> The last coupe of times I did this to my current
> distro things went a muck. Fortunate for me I
> saved my current kernel and was able to boot
> from it. I didn't have too much problems with
> previous distro when I built custom kernels
> with it. I was able to get a kernel update from
> anywhere and go to town with it.

RedHat is well-known for having an odd setup when  it comes to kernel
compilation, using symlinks and all manner of strange things. Took me a
few hours to work it all out first time I tried cmopiling a kernel
(which happened to be under RH5.2).

> I am basically "shopping" for a new distro.

If you can stand the installation routine which may seem a little old
and unconventional (installing a base system then configuring your main
apps from there), then you'll have no problems.

James Green
Site Manager          jg@linuxnewbie.com
LinuxNewbie.com LNC   jg@linux.com

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