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Re: My first ever incursion into sound isn't very successful

+ Barry Samuels <bsamuels@datamansys.co.uk>:

> I have just bought my first ever soundcard, a SoundBlaster Live 1024
> Player, and my attempts to setup sound have been only partially successful.

(1) Make sure you have loadable module support enableded.
(2) Include sound support kernel as module (did not know why it does not
    work as builtin 
(3) Create a file emu10k1 in /etc/modutils with the following contenst:
    alias char-major-14 emu10k1
(4) Copy the emu10k1.o and optionally emu10k1-joy.o into
(5) Do update-modules
(6) Make sure you are allowed to use the /dev/dsp device by setting the
    desired user to group audio "adduser NAME audio"
(7) Testing with "cat some.txt >/dev/dsp" should make noise.


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