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Re: X-Serving Multiple Virtual Console

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 11:28:44 -0500
"David A. Cobb" <superbiskit@cox.net> wrote:

> One of the great features when running from the console is the ability 
> to have multiple logins by using Alt+F2...Alt+F9.
> It is regrettable to loose that when using an X interface.  For example, 
> it would be great if I could just suspend what I'm doing and let my wife 
> login and read her email, etc.

In addition to the other suggestions, I use GDM and it provides gdmflexiserver and a 'New Login' menu item to start it. I never tried switching between these. 

Also there is xnest which, when install, should give you a menu item to start a nested X session which will start a windowed display.

Later, Seeker

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