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XFree86 + Radeon 9200se

Hello all,

I've recently installed Xfree86 from the testing branch. I have an ATI Radeon 9200se card which I have been unable to get working.

I've tried with the manufacturer's fglrx driver, and I've also tried with xserver-xfree86 using radeon, ati, vga16, and the vesa drivers.

These all have the same result. X will start. But as soon as I click just about any keyboard key (including non-printing keys), my monitor goes completely black, my monitor clicks as if changing profiles, and then the screen is refreshed. If a printable key was hit, the corresponding character is not printed. Some keys like Shift do not cause this to happen.

I have my monitor's book, so I know the vertical and horizontal sync ranges I've given are accurate.

I've google'd around, and tried 6 or 7 solutions that worked for other people, but they do not work for me. The video card was in a Debian machine previously running in testing also (with KDE and xfree86), and it had worked just fine.

I check my xf86 log to find nothing terribly out of place. No mention of errors, a few warnings just telling me various options of the ATI card are disabled, nothing that looks like it should cause harm though.

Any thoughts?

Adrian Parker

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