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usb keyb+mouse gets disconnected while booting, with knoppix, ubuntu, ...

Well, I'm puzzling my head trying to find out how to go around this problem... and maybe only new hardware does the trick:

I have a Asus P2B motherboard (i440bx chipset) and I've got a "Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop" (wireless keyb + mouse) wich receiver I connect to my motherboard through USB.

First, some previous information:
Every time I plug-off my computer, when booting I need to get the usb cable on and off the PC so that the keyboard starts working (I think this procedure turns on the receiver). After doing that 1 time I can use the pc, turn it off (without unplugging) and on again, with no problem (no need to disconnect/connect the usb cable). I can live with that.

Well, it happens that when booting Linux (I've tried also in the past with others, but now I've tried Knoppix 3.6 with 2.4 and 2.6 kernels, and Ubuntu livecd with 2.6 kernel) when the kernel finds out that there is USB and says hotplug will handle it, my USB devices get disconnected. (I can actually see this because I've recently added a usb-hub to my setup, wich has lights indicating the devices connected, and reaching that point all the lights go off, not only the one from the keyb+mouse receiver but also, for instance, a usb memory pen)

With Knoppix 3.6 using a 2.4 kernel, I can then do the "disconnect/connect usb cable" on my PC and the receiver starts working again (I can use the keyboard sucessfully, but not the mouse)

Using either Knoppix 3.6 with a 2.6 kernel or Ubuntu (it's also a 2.6 kernel), I can't even use the "disconnect/connect usb cable" procedure as it will have no effect. I have found no way to get the receiver started.

I have no bios options related to USB. I would like at least to get to find a way to get my mouse working with the 2.4 kernel (in wich I can use the manual disconnect/reconnect usb cable and get the keyboard working)

So, I think I have at least 2 diferent problems here:
- The USB devices get disconnected while booting
- The mouse from the "Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop" is not recognized...

As anyone faced a similar problem or may have a tip on this?

Joao Clemente

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