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upgraded kde3.3.1 not working properly. Need help.

I downloaded the sarge disks, and I'm trying to get kde 3.3 to work. After 
upgrading, I'm having the following problems:

1) The logon doesn't work properly upon bootup. It just won't log me in. 
But by doing a console login as root, killing xdm, and restarting it, the 
login window works okay (for root and users).

2) Logging into kde as root, I hear the startup sound, but message boxes 
begin appearing saying "aknode: No media loaded". They just continue to 
pile up, and I can't do anything except end the session.

3) Logging in as a user works a little better. The message onslaught 
doesn't occur. But there are other problems.

3a) Opening a console gives me everything except a working console. The 
cursor is frozen in the upper left corner.

3b) Anything that requires root privileges gives me a message box saying 
"The program su can't be found. Make sure your PATH is set correctly." When 
I open up a terminal via Ctl-F3 (or whatever), su works just fine.

4) wav audio works, but midi is broken. Programs that use midi, such as 
rosegarden or timidity crash. Testing midi in the control panel doesn't 
give me any sound.

5) The console via Ctl-F2 has a bunch of garbage characters on the screen.

I tried 
apt-get -f install
a few times, which installed and configured some more packages, but now it 
says everything is okay.

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