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Re: What Version of Debian am I Running?

Kirchner, Patrick wrote:

I've been running Debian unstable/Sid for 6 months or so and am really enjoying it. I've been keeping things up-to-dates with "apt-get update; apt-get -u upgrade", and would install updates every week or two. In the last few weeks I started noticing a long list of packages that were described as being "kept back" or "held back", so I did an "apt-get dist-upgrade" and no longer get the message about the packages being "kept back". Was there a shift in what was considered Sid, so that when I thought I was still running Sid/unstable I was actual running Sarge/testing? Did I correct the situation by running "apt-get dist-upgrade" and am I once again running the Sid/unstable?

You've always been running Sid, but you were running an out-of-date Sid.

Packages from Sid migrate into Testing, and Testing packages tend to be a little older than what you'll find in Sid, so with an out-of-date Sid system, you may have been running some of the same packages as what was in Testing, but you may have just as well been running some packages that got replaced before going into Testing, or that haven't yet made it in.

So, no; you were never running Sarge/Testing. You'd have to pull from the Sarge/Testing repository in order to do that. You were merely running an out-of-date Sid.

The "held back" packages tend to be kept back because they rely on dependencies that require a big enough change in the system to warrant a "dist-upgrade". (Sort of.)


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