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zsh and bash [was: can't the shell do a better job]

On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 07:54:54PM -0600, Aaron Hall wrote:
> * The completion system is very good, and smart completions for many
>   different commands are standard. I think you can get write a
>   completion to get zsh to feed your fish, but that requires knowledge
>   of styles.

Is the smart completions significantly better than or different from

> * You can bind keys to scripts that manipulate the command line you're
>   currently editing. One keystroke pops me into vi where I can edit,
>   quit, and run my edited command.

Apparently you can do this in bash too, with ^X^E.  You need to set
EDITOR or VISUAL to your favorite editor else it uses emacs.  This will
be very useful for converting one-liners into scripts, thanks for
mentioning it.

> * push-line: you're typing up a fairly complex find command, and you
>   suddenly can't recall if find on this machine has -regex. Just hit
>   Ctrl-Q, and you've got a new, blank command-line whence you can run
>   man find. When you're done with man (actually, the next time zsh
>   displays a prompt), your find command is back, with your cursor right
>   where you left it.

I use ^A # enter to achieve this in bash.  Ironically this technique
does not work in zsh.  I use commenting a lot when writing one-line
shell pipelines (to check if half the pipeline is working).  Apparently
you can get zsh to do this too by setting an INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS

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