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Re: Upgrade kernel from 2.67?

Apparently, _Agustin_, on 01/01/05 17:59,typed:
Hi and happy new year to everyone,

I have a question regarding the possibility of upgrading the kernel on my
debian sarge machine. I see from the synaptic manager that what I have
installed is kernel-image-2.6.7-1-386, and that there is another
available, kernel-image-2.6.9-1-386. Can anyone tell me if it is a good
option to install this? When I had RedHat 9.0 there were periodic upgrades
available for the kernel and I implemented them all, automatically. My
machine has the following partitions:

		Directory		Type

/dev/hdh2	/			ext3
/dev/hdh5	/usr			ext3
/dev/hdh6	/var			ext3
/dev/hdh7	/tmp			ext3
/dev/hdh8	/home			ext3
tmpfs		/dev/shm		tmpfs

MTIA for any help,


What does df tell you (how much total, how much free, etc.)?


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