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Re: upgraded kde3.3.1 not working properly. Need help.

Kent West wrote:

>>>>>If the above worked, exit X, and try "/etc/init.d/kdm start". What're
>>>>>the results?
>>>>no problems. KDE starts normally.
>>>>But when I reboot, it's that initial login screen that doen't work. The
>>>>text boxes for user and password don't function. After killing it and
>>>>restarting, it works fine.
> I'd compare the output of "ps ax" and "lsmod" before and after
> killing/restarting kdm. It'd be even better if you could ssh in before
> leaving the messed up kdm login screen and running those commands for
> the "before" snapshot.
> I'm leaning toward the idea that some module or init script is not
> loading until the kdm restart. But that's just a guess.
> PS. Don't use the "Console Login" option; instead, use Ctrl-Alt-F1 to
> get your "before" snapshot.

Ctl-Alt-F1 doesn't do anything. I have to use the "console login" option.

I"m calling ps_1 the results of running ps the first time and ps_2 the 
second time. Similarly for lsmod.

lsmod shows no differences.
ps_2 gives a few processes that do not appear in ps1.
/usr/X11R6/bin/X -nolisten tcp -auth /var/lib/kdm/A:0-L5XVer vt7

I'm going to try to purge xdm and kdm
apt-get remove --purge xdm kdm
apt-get install xdm kdm x-window-system

Oops, no I just have console login.
Let's do XF86config. Rats, just console login. Running kdm works, but the 
screen is really big, and I can't change it.

Playing around ...
Let's give the monitor some bogus sync values -- aha! Now I have graphic 
login after reboot, but there's nothing there because the monitor says 
"unsupported format" (I figured it was safe to try this since I have a 
newer lcd that won't even try to display things in modes it doesn't 
support. Probably not recommended for a crt.)

Okay, giving it the correct horizontal sync, but setting the vertical range 
a little bogus:  Old crt monitor was 47-150, book says lcd is 60-75. Using 
the book's value gave me console login, with huge screen when starting kdm. 
Using 47-150, gives graphical login, but monitor gives "unsupported format, 
with vert = 80 Hz". Just to be complete, let's try 47-75. Voila -- it 
works! But 60-75 (which is what my book says, doesn't work). Strange.

Anyway, reboot, login, everything's normal as far as the login process goes.
I think kde is behaving normally now.

My only problem left seems to be that midi isn't working. But I'm getting 
an error at boot time about "AWE synth not found" or something. So this 
isn't a kde problem and so should go in another thread.


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