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Re: what does banned from irc mean

On Sunday 23 January 2005 09:34 am, Peter Nuttall wrote:

> first off, The nick "gauss" is registered so you should use another.
> If the problem continues, can you post your session to the list?

Thank you peter!

i Just log in. I chose a nick (say i try /nick mitchell_laks (likely not 
registered i hope :)). then it says i am banned.... :(

here is what it says in the screen:

 Welcome to  sirc  version 2.211; type /help for help
 Loading filter parser...
 Filter Parser Loaded
  Loaded KSirc.pl
  With: Super Willy Enhancements, LotR's exec
 Connecting to irc.freenode.net, port 6667...
 Looking up your hostname...
 Checking ident
 Found your hostname
 No identd (auth) response
 Welcome to the freenode IRC Network mlaks
 Your host is benford.freenode.net[unknown.sagonet.net/6667], running version 
 Your host is benford.freenode.net[unknown.sagonet.net/6667], running version 
 This server was cobbled together Wed Jan  5 15:34:56 UTC 2005
 benford.freenode.net dancer-ircd-1.0.35 
aAbBcCdDeEfFGhHiIjkKlLmMnNopPQrRsStUvVwWxXyYzZ0123459*@ bcdefFhiIklmnoPqstv
CASEMAPPING=ascii CAPAB IRCD=dancer :are available on this server
 There are 9842 victims and 10363 hiding on 23 servers
 29 :flagged staff members
 7209 :channels formed
 I have 3348 clients and 0 servers
 Current local  users: 3348  Max: 3467
 Current global users: 20205  Max: 22292
 Highest connection count: 3468 (3467 clients) (226438 since server was 
 - benford.freenode.net Message of the Day -
 - Welcome to benford.freenode.net in Tampa, FL, US.  Thanks to Linux Based
 - Systems Design (http://www.lbsd.net) for providing this server!
 - BENFORD, GREGORY [1941-],  Gregory Benford was born in Mobile, Alabama and
 - received a Ph.D from the University of California at San Diego in 1967.  He
 - spent the next four years at Lawrence Livermore Labs and became a professor
 - of physics at UC Irvine.  "....Along the way I've been a Woodrow Wilson
 - Fellow and a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University and MIT, and served as
 - an advisor to the Department of Energy, NASA and the White House Council on
 - Space Policy. I'm not really an establishment type, though...." Benford has
 - published 18 novels and won two Nebulas, a John W. Campbell award, a Ditmar
 - and the UN Medal of Literature.
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 Can't join #debian: banned from channel

what do I do? also what did i do???

> Pete


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