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Re: What do I lose using a stock rather than a Debian kernel?

On Thursday 27 January 2005 12:40, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Adam Funk wrote:
>> So I'm just wondering what I'll lose by not using a Debian kernel? 
>> In
> Lots of updates, possibly including some security ones, and a lot of
> bug
> fixes.  In the case of 2.4, you will also lose 2.6 IPSEC which has
> been backported to Debian's 2.4.

Hmm: now I'm in a dilemma.  I'm trying to set up OpenMosix on Debian
stable, and the stable kernel-patch-openmosix package supports only the
stock 2.4.16 kernel.

I'm under the impression that the unstable kernel-patch-openmosix
patches will work on Debian kernel sources.

I think I have three choices:

(a) using stable and the stock 2.4.16 kernel;
(b) using testing/unstable generally, including the unstable packages
relevant to OpenMosix;
(c) using stable generally and just enough testing/unstable packages to
use the unstable kernel-patch-openmosix and openmosix packages.

I'd prefer not to do (b) because I've been allowed to format and set up
these machines myself and retain root access, as an exception to the
department's normal policies, so I have to give security a high
priority.  And I think (c) might be very messy.

Comments? Suggestions?


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