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Re: what is my IP?

On Saturday 29 January 2005 10:35, gerhard wrote:
>Am Samstag 29 Januar 2005 15:31 schrieb Gerhard Gaußling:
>> $  su --command="ifconfig |egrep -A1  Point-to-Point|egrep '(inet
>> addr:)'| sed -n '1p'"|gawk '{print  $2}'|cut -c6-22
>better You use this script, it doesn't need root access:
>echo "Current IP is:"
>/sbin/ifconfig |egrep -A1  Point-to-Point|egrep '(inet addr:)'|  \
>sed -n '1p'|gawk '{print  $2}'|cut -c6-22
Which returns an empty Current IP is:
as there is not a Point-to-Point output from an ifconfig, that info is 
all in my routers web page screen.

>Kind regards
>Gerhard Gaußling

Cheers, Gene
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