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Re: USB on Debian

* Chris Lowe <chrislowe87@yahoo.com.au> [050117 11:44]:

> I would like to know how to get the USB controller from my Abit Kv8 Max3
> motherboard working under Debian Sarge. I have a custom 2.6.7 kernel
> installed with the usbcore, usb-ohci and usb-uhci modules compiled. But
> whenever I run modprobe usb-uhci or usb-ohci  I get FATAL: Module not
> found. When I run dmesg | grep usb I get

The names of the modules for the usb-controllers changed from Kernel 2.4
to Kernel 2.6.  The are now called "uhci_hcd" and "ohci_hcd" or
"ehci_hcd" for usb 2.0.

I reccomend installing hotplug.  This will take care of all those

Yours sincerely,


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