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Re: what's eating the space?

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 08:17:06AM +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just set up a new system, and among others, the first partition on
> each of the three disks is a 32 Mb primary partition to be used in
> a RAID1 configuration (2 active, 1 spare) for /boot:
>   /dev/sda1   *   1    4       32098+  fd  Linux raid autodetect
> The RAID volume also appears to be 32Mb in size:
>   # dd if=/dev/md0 bs=1M > /dev/null                              [63]
>   31+1 records in
>   31+1 records out
>   32768000 bytes transferred in 0.033353 seconds (982457689 bytes/sec)
> So I made an XFS filesystem on it and am now surprised to find only
> 12 Mb of free space. Well, not really surprised, but it's an
> inconvenience. Am I right in assuming that XFS just claims 20Mb of
> the filesystem for itself?

It's probably for the journal.  reiserfs does something similar.  You
can specify the size of the journal in reiserfs when you create the
filesystem, or with reiserfstune (although IIRC that didn't work),
possibly there is a similar option for xfs.  I don't have xfsprogs or
whatever installed so I can't check for you.  Try the mkfs.xfs or mkxfs
or mkxfsfs manpage or whatever it is.

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